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Will the henna fade away if its done 2-3 days before the wedding?

Natural henna develops over a period of 48 hours, hence its best to get bridal henna 2-3 days before the wedding.

Can i wrap my design with plastic before i sleep?

Plastic makes the design bleed, hence avoid plastic. its best to wrap it with bath tissue roll.

How long does bridal henna application take?

Typically, a design upto elbows, front and back hands and feet upto ankles.....with Indian intricate design takes upto 7 hours.

The time required depends on length and intricacy of design as well as height of the bride.

Bridal henna is best done before the guests start arriving.

Excited hugs, greets and laughters with well-wishing guests/friends/family will surely make the hands shake and result in the bridal process take longer.

How long do henna stains last?

They generally last for 2 weeks. Henna stains the top few layers of skin cells, so the design starts to fade away gradually. It is of utmost importance to follow after care instructions for the design to reach the darkest stain and then for it to last longer. However, the henna design cannot last longer than 3 weeks, since skin exfoliates.

Why does henna stain different parts of the body differently?

Henna stains on palms and soles go many layers deep. Palms and soles have thickest skin, on average, 50 cell layers. The more layers, the darker the stain, usually. Hence, the stains on palms and soles are the darkest. whereas, arms, legs, ankles do get a good stain, but not the darkest, reason being, difference in skin composition.